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The first step in starting your dissertation or research project is to choose a suitable topic and to create a title. Short, simple and effective, this is your chance to suggest an interesting idea that will grab your supervisor’s attention and say “I’ve got a great idea!“. Often, your topic or title must be approved by your supervisor before you can begin writing the Dissertation Proposal and the Dissertation itself, so it’s really important to get this right.

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The Complete Dissertation Experience

Choosing a Topic & Title is just the first step towards completing your dissertation. Once you choose your favourite topic, and your title has been approved by your supervisor, the real work begins! It can be a long and scary road ahead, sometimes with very little support on hand, but never fear – UK Essays are here to help!

We're proud to be the only company to offer a complete dissertation writing experience. Your Topics & Titles will be created by a qualified writer with experience in writing Dissertations and creating exciting topics. They are usually very happy to continue working with you on a Dissertation Proposal and even your Dissertation itself, whether this is working on individual chapters or assisting you with the whole project. Whichever way you would like to do it - from Topics & Titles, to Dissertation Proposal, to the full Dissertation or research project - UK Essays can help guide you through the entire Dissertation experience.

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