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Example Cultural Studies Dissertations

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Cultural Aspects in India

We will discuss the major components of Indian culture to illustrate the staggering variety of Indian cultural practices. We will focus on the notion of…

Management and Policy of a Diverse Workplace

Groups of people see the world through their own set of assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values. Learn about their culture and how it formed them…

Manifestations of Sexism Across Languages

The aim of this paper is to develop human perspectives on sexism in language, its manifestations and its negative impacts on women. From theory to…

Experiences of Refugee Settlement in Norway

Exploring the settlement experiences of Sri Lankan Tamil refuges in Trondheim Norway and considered aspects of their integration into Norwegian society.

India’s Culture, History and Economy

How can we accurately define the 21st century nation state with regards to the country India. This report consists of research into many different…

Consumer Demand for African Food in Liverpool

The aim of this research is to observe and explain consumers’ preference for African food in Liverpool. By identifying the attitudes towards African…

Aspects of Thai Buddhist Culture

The reader will by now appreciate the massive scope of Hinduism and as such it will prove very difficult to find aspects of Thai Buddhist culture that…